Parkway Railway Stations: A History of Britain's Park & Ride Stations (Gresley Books)

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An interesting study of the various Parkway stations that can be found scattered all over England and Wales. Parkway stations play an important role in keeping cars out of town and city centres by encouraging motorists to `park and ride’ – demonstrating that it really is quicker and easier by train.

Bristol Parkway, opened in 1972, was the first of this new breed and is now the busiest of all Parkway railway stations. Since then another 20 have opened, some as newly built stations, some at existing stations. Author Mark Chatterton has visited them all and in this unique book profiles each one in turn, focusing on its location, its facilities and its history.

Parkway Railway Stations also includes a brief history of Parkway stations and discusses what actually constitutes a Parkway station. Further chapters look at former Parkway stations, Parkway station failures, future Parkway stations and other Parkway stations serving metro or light rail lines. 130 pages. Illustrated in colour.

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