Glasgow Queen Street: A Railway Station Renaissance (Lily)

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Glasgow Queen Street is Scotland’s third busiest rail terminus. The station opened in 1842 and became immediately recognised as a substantial engineering achievement due to its occupancy of a constrained site within the city centre and its access for trains being via a steep tunnel.

By 1881, Queen Street Station had been enlarged to create its famous train shed, and soon afterwards an underground line was built, adding Queen Street Low Level station. Suburban electrification began in the 1960s and the recent Edinburgh & Glasgow Improvement Programme, has seen High Level routes electrified.

In recent years the station has undergone another transformation with a complete reconstruction of the front entrance, concourse and station facilities areas to a striking modern design. This stylish enhancement was completed at the end of 2020 and now gives passengers an impressive welcome to Glasgow.

Glasgow Queen Street: A Railway Station Renaissance contains a good history of the station and describes how it has developed into the modern terminus of today. It includes many archive illustrations and reproductions of historic documents. The book then proceeds to look in detail at the work carried out to transform the station in 2020. Also includes a foreword from Alex Hynes, Managing Director of Scotland’s Railway. Contains over 200 illustrations. 116 pages.

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