Diesel & Electric Loco Register 4th Edition

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By Andy Chard. Diesel and Electric Loco Register is a comprehensive listing of all diesel and electric locomotives that have been operated by British Railways, its constituent companies and its successors. It includes all locomotives that have been capable of working on the British main line railway network, including shunters and departmental locomotives. For every locomotive, the following information is provided:

  • Latest/Last number carried
  • All previous numbers carried
  • Year of entry to service
  • Year withdrawn (where applicable)
  • Current status (scrapped/preserved/converted/current operator etc)

Technical details are also provided for every class of locomotive. Diesel and Electric Loco Register also includes an explanation of the various numbering schemes that have been used over the years, from the first British Railways simple 5-digt number scheme, through the "D" and "E" prefixed numbering of the 1950s, to the computer-driven TOPS (Total Operations Processing System) numbers that have now been in common use for over 45 years. Locomotives are listed as far as possible in TOPS class order, with the exception of early and experimental locomotives which did not survive long enough to receive TOPS classification. As well as the main listing, Diesel and Electric Loco Register also contains five useful appendices with further information and to aid cross-referencing:

  • Locomotive Summary and Classification Index; gives details of the number of examples of each type of locomotive to be built and the various number ranges applied.
  • Multiple TOPS Numbers; a useful cross-reference to locate locomotives that have carried several different TOPS numbers.
  • 1948 BR Number Series & 1957 BR Number Series; an index to locomotives that survived to be renumbered into a later number series.
  • Departmental Numbers; locomotives that were converted to departmental service.
  • Locomotive Names; a complete listing of all official names carried whilst in service.

Diesel and Electric Loco Register is an essential reference guide listing every diesel and electric locomotive that has existed and been capable of working on the main line railway network. It clearly summarises the current status of almost 7000 British diesel and electric locomotives. Well illustrated. 240 pages. Published 2018.

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