European Railway Atlas Tourist Edition 2020-21 (Hardback)

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Compiled by M G Ball. An updated 2020-21 edition of this useful concise atlas of Europe’s railways. This volume has been produced in hardback format, rather than the spiral-binding used for earlier editions.

The atlas is intended for general travellers who may not require extensive detail of the trains and railways on which they are travelling, but who want to be able to trace and plan their journeys around Europe by train. It shows almost all national network passenger railways, but city metro systems are excluded as are a few inner urban lines and all freight and heritage railways.

Each country is shown over one or two pages (Germany is over four) which allows the reader to quickly get a feel for the overall geography of each network. Some 8,000 selected stations are listed and indexed and the more important locations are picked out in red to make them stand out.

European Railway Atlas Tourist Edition 2020-21 shows:

  • National network passenger railways
  • Main lines
  • Secondary lines
  • Purpose-built high-speed lines
  • Narrow gauge lines
  • 8,000 selected stations with the more important ones picked out in red
  • A full index

Hardback with 29 maps and a full 8,000 station index, printed on heavy 170 gsm silk paper.

Ideal for backpackers, InterRailers and enthusiasts planning journeys throughout Europe - from the Atlantic coast to the Russian border.

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