Lost Tramways of England: Bradford (Graffeg)

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This title looks at the tramways of the city of Bradford and is part of the Lost Tramways of England series, which reviews the tram systems of a number of English towns and cities from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century.

Bradford Corporation gained parliamentary approval for its tramway in 1880 and began construction in the following year. Due to the city’s streets being narrow, the tramway was built to 4ft 0in gauge and the first section, which was run with horse cars, began operation in February 1882 with a single-line track running from Rawson Square to Lister Park Gates. At that time local councils were not permitted to operate their own tram systems so the Bradford Tramways & Omnibus Co Ltd leased both this line and the next two lines to be constructed; running steam traction on the latter two due to the gradients of the routes. In 1896 a change in the law allowed local authorities to operate their own tram systems thus enabling Bradford Corporation to construct and operate its own electric tram system; having become the first municipal supplier of electricity in England when it opened a power station in 1889. The Bradford tramway was later linked up to the 4ft 8½in Leeds tramway by means of a length of tapered transitional track at Town Street, Stanningley, which worked with a specially designed wheel set allowing the wheels to move outwards on the route to Leeds and inwards when returning to Bradford.

An informative book which covers the history and development of Bradford’s tramways. Well illustrated with black & white photographs, accompanied by descriptive captions. An introduction to the development of tramways and the impact of the 1870 Tramways Act is also included. Hardback. 64 pages.

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