The North Yorkshire Moors Railway and The Esk Valley Line Past and Present Volume 5 - HARDBACK (Past & Present)

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This hardback volume is a limited edition extended version of this book produced in hardback format with dust jacket. It includes 32 extra pages which are filled with mainly colour images looking at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway today, and in particular at the people whose hard work enables the railway to operate.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the Esk Valley Line Past & Present Volume 5 is the fifth volume of this popular title and is formed of `then and now’ images showcasing the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and the Esk Valley Line. This original 160 pages of this volume is comprised exclusively of colour images throughout and covers the line from the Network Rail terminus at Whitby, along the heritage railway from Grosmont to Pickering and on to Malton, as well as the line from Grosmont to Battersby and Middlesbrough.

The images are arranged as a series of pairs, with a completely new section of unearthed `past’ pictures presented alongside their present-day equivalents, to illustrate how the railway landscape has changed in the intervening years. In the case of the heritage railway, it is interesting to see how faithfully the scenes of yesteryear have been recreated, whilst on lines that have subsequently closed, some of the locations are almost unrecognisable.

Each pair of pictures Is accompanied by a narrative, often describing the situations that gave rise to the changes that have taken place and drawing attention to items of particular note. A wide variety of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and railcars are illustrated. 192 pages. Hardback.

Special Note: This volume is also available in a softback format containing only the 160 pages that show `then and now’ images. The softback edition contains 160 pages and has a cover price of £20.00.

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