The Disappearing Railway: Celebrating the Classic Railway Scene (Bellcode)

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Operating practices on Britain’s railways have changed considerably over the last 40 years. The sound of bells ringing inside a signal box, followed by the clunk of level crossing gates being released, the rumble as they slowly close and finally the crash as they clatter shut, are but a distant memory on virtually all of today’s digital railway.

The Disappearing Railway contains a selection of colour photographs illustrating many items of long-gone infrastructure and equipment, and recalling some of the procedures for which they were used.

Semaphore signals of many varieties and traditional signal boxes are well represented, along with level crossings, traditional footbridges and classic signage. Most photos include trains captured in the operating environment.

The book is presented in chronological order, beginning in the late 1970s and taking the reader up to 2019, illustrating how certain aspects have changed over time. Every image is accompanied by an explanatory caption. 108 pages

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