The Architecture and Legacy of British Railway Buildings: 1825 to Present Day (Crowood)

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A thought-provoking volume that examines the diversity of Britain’s railway buildings and the evolution of design through significant periods of private and national ownership. In a practical context, the authors describe the range and scale of railway buildings, including stations, signal boxes, depots, water towers, hotels and administrative offices.

Many other works have tended to focus on passenger stations, notably from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The Architecture and Legacy of British Railway Buildings examines a wider range of buildings and features recent flagship developments such as King’s Cross and St Pancras, which combine contemporary architecture with historic settings.

The Architecture and Legacy of British Railway Buildings provides a unique insight into the factors that have influenced railway architecture, and discusses how designs have adapted to the needs of railway-based transportation. The authors also take time to consider the legacy these buildings have left behind and the impact of heritage on a continually forward-looking industry.

Topics covered include:

  • The context of railway architecture today
  • The history of how it came into existence
  • The evolution of different railway building types
  • The unique aspects of railway building design
  • The key railway development periods and their architectural influences

Includes over 200 photographs and other images selected from archived drawings, private collections and the authors’ own unpublished works. 192 pages. Hardback.

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