Southern Electrics in Colour: 1955-1972 (Strathwood)

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An album of good quality archive colour photographs illustrating electric locomotives and multiple units working on British Rail’s Southern Region between 1955 and 1972. This was an era of great transition, with many older EMU types still in service, and showing a variety of liveries, gradually being replaced by newer British Railways designs.

Locomotives of Classes 70, 71, 73 and 74 are all illustrated, along with a multitude of EMU types including 2-BIL, 2-HAL, 4-SUB (both pre and post war varieties), 2-EPB, 4-EPB, 2-HAP, 4-LAV, 4-COR, 4-BUF, 5-BEL, 6-PUL, 6-PAN, 6-COR, 4-CEP, 4-CIG, 4-VEP, 4-REP, 4-TC, 7-TC and 4-BIG.

A great variety of locations can also be savoured, from busy London terminals to picturesque rural locations. The authors have selected the images with particular regard to their composition, colour and the prevailing sunny conditions. The journey around the Southern Region takes in the Brighton Belle and the final workings of the Golden Arrow.

Southern Electrics in Colour 1955-1972 has been produced in landscape format to best display the images, most of which are reproduced in one-per-page format and all of which are accompanied by informative captions. 96 pages. Hardback. £22.95.

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