Southern Electrics 1948-1972: Volume 1 (Strathwood)

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The first of a pair of hardback black & white photographic albums illustrating some of the most interesting of the Southern Region’s electric multiple unit fleet in their heyday. All the photographs are taken in the British Railways era, from shortly after formation in 1948 until the demise of the Brighton Belle units in 1972.

This volume covers the pre-war built stock and features the following EMU types:

  • 2-NOL
  • 2-BIL
  • 2-HAL
  • 4-LAV
  • 2-SL
  • 2-WIM
  • 4-SUB
  • 6-PAN
  • 6-PUL
  • 6-COR
  • 5-BEL
  • 4-COR
  • 4-BUF
  • 4-GRI
  • 4-PUL

Southern Electrics 1948-1972: Volume 1 has been produced in landscape format to best showcase the archive photographs it contains. The vast majority of the photographs are presented in one-per-page format, with accompanying caption detail. 160 pages. Hardback.

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