Snaefell: A Mountain and a Railway (Isle of Man Transport)

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The Snaefell Mountain Railway was the first mountain railway to be built in the British Isles. Opened in 1895, it was built in just eight months by pioneering Victorian engineers at a time when electric traction was in its infancy.

Today, the original tramcars still climb to the mountain’s summit where visitors can enjoy the mountain scenery and views. This book tells the story of the Snaefell Mountain Railway, from early plans to built a steam railway to the summit through to the present day.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1: Early Railways
  • Chapter 2: Tramways to Laxey and Snaefell
  • Chapter 3: MER Years
  • Chapter 4: Government Ownership
  • Chapter 5: Rolling Stock
  • Chapter 6: Mountain Miscellany
  • Chapter 7: Journey to the Summit

Snaefell: A Mountain and a Railway is a well-illustrated history of this fascinating railway. 150 pages.

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