Preserved Pre-1948 Railway Carriages (Amberley)

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When one thinks of a preserved or heritage railway, the image that most often comes to mind is that of a steam locomotive, either working through tranquil countryside or captured in a station environment from yesteryear. Bur for the passenger on those railways, the main point of contact is often the restored coaching stock that operates on the line.

This interesting, yet often overlooked area of preservation is the subject of this pictorial survey by Royston Morris. Using nearly 200 previously unpublished photos, the author illustrates an assortment of some of the oldest carriages that are still in use in the 21st century. Chapters cover each of the following subjects in turn:

  • Pre-Grouping Carriages
  • Post-Grouping Carriages
  • Irish Railways
  • Isle of Man Railway
  • Pullman Carriages
  • Miscellaneous Carriages
  • Rescued, Restored and Running Again
  • Preserved But Now Gone

Preserved Pre-1948 Railway Carriages highlights many of these under-appreciated stars of the preservation scene. The photographs are presented mainly in two-per-page format and every illustration is accompanied by a detailed caption giving a brief history of every featured carriage. 96 pages.

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