Peter Gray's West Country Railways (Crecy)

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A selection of high quality colour images from the collection of the Great Western Trust, originally captured by acclaimed railway photographer, Peter Gray.

The name of Peter Gray needs little introduction to followers of railways in the West Country. In his lifetime Peter amassed a vast collection of colour photographs and was the author of several colour albums – all now long out of print. Peter’s collection is now in the hands of the Great Western Trust, who have made available his images to produce this excellent volume.

The images date back to the 1950s, a time when few photographers used colour film. They feature lines in the counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and cover the transition period from the steam era to the dieselisation of the railways in the 1960s.

The vast majority of photographs illustrate steam subjects, ranging from tank engines on long closed branch lines to top link expresses and heavy freight services. Diesel classes are also represented, with diesel hydraulic classes synonymous with the Western Region, seen in as-built condition.

The book’s editors have been able to access Peter’s original notes to add detailed information and anecdotes concerning the services being recorded. An index to locations and a list of all pictured locomotives is also included.

Peter Gray’s West Country Railways contains an excellent collection of colour photographs from an outstanding photographer. It records an era of railway history that is rarely documented in colour material of this standard. 208 pages. Over 200 photographs. Hardback.

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