North Eastern Electric Stock 1904-2020: Its Design and Development (Pen & Sword)

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The story of suburban electric railways in the North-East of England. This area of the country is synonymous with the birth of the railway as it was here that George and Robert Stephenson first developed their steam locomotives. However, in the early 20th century a second transport revolution took place around Newcastle when the suburban lines from the city to the coast were electrified by the North Eastern Railway.

North Eastern Electric Stock 1904-2020 tells the story behind the creation of that network and goes on to describe the trains that served it. Chapters looks at the years of success and expansion that followed, and ultimately the troubles that led to its demise. The transition from North Eastern Railway to LNER and later British Railways is well covered.

Finally, the story travels full circle with the creation of the Tyne & Wear Metro, a ground-breaking urban transport system that set a new standard for suburban rail travel that would be the inspiration for schemes in many other parts of the country.

Well illustrated. 168 pages. Hardback.

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