George & Robert Stephenson: Pioneer Inventors and Engineers (Pen & Sword)

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This book is a new biography of two great British engineering pioneers, who did much to develop the world we live in today. In George & Robert Stephenson: Pioneer Inventors and Engineers, author Anthoy Burton looks into these two great engineers of the Victorian era and at their influence on railways in Britain and around the world.

Includes chapters covering many of the areas where George & Robert Stephenson's work can be seen:

  • The Collieries of the Tyne
  • The Steam Locomotive
  • The Stockton and Darlington Railway
  • The Liverpool and Manchester Railway
  • Rainhill
  • London and Birmingham
  • Lines to Holyhead

Also looks at the lives of both engineers. Illustrated throughout with black & white photographs, diagrams and sketches. Hardback. 228 pages.

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