Edwardian Steam: A Locomotive Kaleidoscope (OPC)

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The Edwardian era, conventionally regarded as 1901-1914, was a time of rapid development for the railway, particularly in terms of new locomotive design. The period is commonly perceived as something of a Golden Age, when the dramatic increase in size of locomotives within a fairly short period was unparalleled.

Each year several hundred new locomotives were built, with a new locomotive design or variant appearing, on average, at the rate of one every three weeks. It was also a time when the price of coal was steadily increasing, leading to innovation to reduce coal consumption, notably through superheating.

Edwardian Steam: A Locomotive Kaleidoscope closely examines all aspects of steam locomotive development and operation in this era, using published official statistics to present a detailed and fascinating picture of the time.

Much use is made of archive black & white illustrations and several diagrams. Brief profiles of leading Edwardian locomotive designers are also included and a chronology of locomotive designs completes the volume. 150 illustrations. 256 pages. Hardback.

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